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Workers' compensation is insurance paid by you the employer to provide benefits to employees who become ill or injured on the job. Through this program, workers are provided with benefits and medical care, and employers have the assurance that they will not be sued by the employee. Siskiyou Insurance provides workers compensation services for employers. Our agents have been doing this for over 30 years.

Part of having a Workers Compensation Policy for your employees is managing the work place environment so that it is safe for employees to work in. Siskiyou Insurance will meet with you and is capable of helping set up safety programs to insure that your employees have a safe work place. Some Workers Compensation Insurance companies require that you have a documented safety program available to your employees and will offer discounts if you have one. If you don't, Siskiyou will help you set one up.

If you fail to get the required coverage and an employee has an "on the job" accident, the injured employee can file a lawsuit against you in civil court or file a claim against the workers’ compensation system. If it is determined by court that your business is at fault, there would significant monetary damages. Damages might include stop-work orders and fines.

The cost of a workers’ compensation policy is based on the gross payroll and the type of business you have. For example, a manufacturing company would have higher workers’ compensation costs than a professional practice like lawyers and doctors.

Siskiyou Insurance has spent years making sure that we represent the most competitive companies that offer workers compensation in California. We work closely with the companies to make sure that you are getting the best price and the best company for your workers compensation needs.

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