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It is our suggestion that the following steps be taken in the event of a loss to your property.

After a loss has occurred:

Contact our office immediately to report the loss. We will then forward the details of your claim on to your insurance carrier and you will then be contacted by their adjuster. You should follow the instructions provided and keep a log of the names of the people you speak with including dates, times and a short summary of your conversations.

In the event of a loss occurring after 5:00 pm, goto our Claims Page and you will find 24/7 emergency claim reporting numbers for the majority of our insurance companies. Contact the company as soon as possible to report the claim so that they can assist you with the initial processing.

Be sure and take necessary precautions to prevent further loss to your property. Insurance policies may not cover ensuing damage if you have not taken reasonable steps to protect against further damage.

It is recommended that you take photos documenting the damages.

Do not rush into repairs or rebuilding without first considering all alternatives available.

Make only the necessary emergency repairs and do not repair/replace anything without first getting instructions from your adjuster as your insurance company's visual inspection of your loss and approval may be necessary to initiate repairs.

Do not discard damaged property until your adjuster advises you it is all right to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns during your claim process please, contact our office.

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