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Siskiyou Insurance represents some of the best health insurance carriers in rural Northern California.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield have shown an interest in writing health insurance in Northern California and Redding is focal point of the north state.

A wide array of health plans is available from these major insurance carriers. Variables in each plan include what you will pay for upon each visit to a doctor, called a copayment, a variety of benefits, and the amount of deductible you will need to pay before your insurance covers expenses. If your plan is described as “in-network”, that means your provider has contracted with various doctors, labs, and pharmacies to accept a contracted rate as payment. Many in-network covered services are paid at 100% after you meet your deductible. Going outside this network will likely result in a higher cost for your health care.

Pair your health plan with an optional HSA for more flexibility and potential tax advantages. HSA stands for Health Savings Account. Simply put, it is an insurance policy paired with a savings account. You contribute to this account from your pay before it is taxed and use these funds whenever you incur medical expenses. An HSA allows you to build up a savings account to cover any medical costs up to the deductible amount.

In a dynamic industry like insurance it is very important to get the most up-to-date information available. Siskiyou Insurance in Redding is happy to share with you the knowledge that we have gained from our years in the industry and our association with professionals in the business. We believe that accurate information is essential in making decisions about your specific needs for insurance products. Information means an informed decision and when it comes to the health of you and your family, an informed decision is always to your benefit.

Whether group plans for businesses or individual plans for families, Siskiyou Insurance is able to give competitive rates for you, your family or your business.

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