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Siskiyou Insurance was founded in 1993 with the merger of Curtis Byron in Redding and Bob Reed in Mt. Shasta.

We had a desire to keep personal service in the insurance transaction and saw an industry that was going in a different direction. With the merger we are able to provide local personal service and competitive prices to our clients.

Since 1993 they have expanded Siskiyou Insurance to 5 agents and 3 customer service representatives.

We offer all types of insurance for an individual family or for a business. We write for over 50 insurance companies and shop your insurance to get the best price with the best coverage’s.

You read about some of these insurance companies that say they will shop your insurance with different companies and give you the best price, well Siskiyou Insurance has been doing that since 1993.

And we always have a person to answer the phone or answer your questions instead of voice mail.

So explore our web page and feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our agents about your insurance needs.


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