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Siskiyou Insurance provides surety bonds for the construction industry. We also provide bonding services for many other business needs as well. All forms of bonding can be obtained through Siskiyou Insurance. If you have a particular bonding need or would like to talk to one our bond specialists call us today at (530) 224-2345.

What type of Bonds are Available from Siskiyou Insurance

Contract Bonds - This type of bond is requested by owners that have construction or building projects to complete. The bond assures the holder that the contractor will complete all work and pay for subcontractor work and costs associated with the project.

Contractors License Bonds - This type of bond guarantees that the contractor will operate their business as required by the local and state government. Siskiyou Insurance is associated with large nationwide bonding companies that allows us to provide great prices for contractors bonding.

Payment Bonds - This is a deposit or guaranty submitted by the successful bidder on a project or proposed work that on completion of work guarantees that all money owed by the company to it's employees, subcontractors and suppliers and any other creditors will be paid on time and in full. It is also sometimes called a contract payment bond. A payment bond is a surety bond posted by the contractor to guaranty that his supplers and subcontractors will be paid. They are typically required in contracts over $30,000 with the Federal Government and must be 100% of the contract value.

Performance Bonds - A bond that is required by businesses (Other than Contractors) the guarantee that specific work will be accomplished. In the event that contracted work is not completed as specified, the performance bond will pay the holder to higher someone else to complete the work.

Bid Bonds - These are bonds that a contractor needs when submitting a bid that guarantees that his bid was done in good faith and that he will perform the respective work if awarded the bid. A bid bond is important to show proof of guarantee to a project owner that the contractor can and will comply with the bid contract and also that he can accomplish the job as specified in the contract.

Surety Bonds - This is a contract between a contractor, an insurance company and a project owner that guarantees (insures) that a project will be done on time, on budget and will cover any costs or losses in the event the work is not completed.

Other Types of Bonds - Call our office for more information

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