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When you’re busy running a successful auto repair shop, you can’t afford to allow an unfortunate incident grind you to a halt. Siskiyou Insurance can combine a premier business owner’s policy with specific coverage designed around the needs of a garage, used car dealership, or repair shop. We can configure a policy that keeps you up and running and out of an unscheduled “pit stop.”

Garage Liability

This coverage is used to insure against liability claims arising out of your garage operations including the use of automobiles. Coverage also applies to your products and completed operations, subject to a deductible per claim.

Garage Medical Payments

Coverage pays for medical expenses incurred within one year of the date of an accident for persons who sustain injury while occupying any auto used by you, through operations conducted by you, or while on your premises. This coverage helps maintain your business goodwill by paying medical expenses incurred by others, without having to prove legal liability.

Garagekeepers Coverage

This insurance is used to insure against claims arising out of damage to vehicles owned by others, which are left with you for storage, service, safekeeping or repair. The two basic forms of this coverage are Legal Liability and Direct Damage. Vehicles held out for sale or consignment vehicles are not covered under this kind of coverage.

Dealers Physical Damage or Dealers Open Lot Coverage

This insurance will provide protection for any vehicles you own which are held for sale, or used in your business. No coverage applies to vehicles you rent to others. Besides your interest, the interest of creditors and owners of consigned vehicles can be included.

Your policy can also be customized with additional, affordable options or specified causes of loss you may need for complete coverage, such as:

  • Portable tools and equipment
  • Fire, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Dealers Driveaway Collision coverage
  • Exterior building glass
  • Many other broadened coverage endorsements

Call Siskiyou Insurance for a custom quote for an affordable plan that will cover repairs or damages that might otherwise seriously threaten your business.

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