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If the Private Company is permitted or required by common or statutory law, but fails to idemnify the Individual Insured for Loss (except by reason of its financial insolvency), any payment by the Underwriter of such loss shall be subject to the Insuring Agreement C Retention Amount set forth in Item 4. (A) of Declarations. The charter, by-laws, shareholder and board of director's resolutions of the Private Company shall be deemed to provide idemnification for such Loss to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

To be read in conjunction with the Common Policy Definitions, Exclusions
and Conditions Sections, Part 4, 5, 6 below)

Insuring Agreement

  • The Underwriter shall pay on behalf of the Insured, Loss from Claims made against the Insured during the Policy Period (or, if applicable, the Extended Reporting Period), and reported to the Underwriter pursuant to the terms of this Policy, for an Employment Practice act.


Employment Practice Act means any actual or alleged:

  1. wrongful dismissal, discharge or termination of employment;
  2. breach of a written or oral employment contract or implied employment contract;
  3. employment related misrepresentation;
  4. wrongful failure to promote;
  5. violation of employment discrimination laws (including harassment);
  6. wrongful deprivation of a career opportunity;
  7. employment related wrongful discipline;
  8. negligent employee evaluation;
  9. employment related invasion of privacy;
  10. employment related defamation (including libel and slander);
  11. sexual or workplace harassment of any kind;
  12. constructive discharge of employment;
  13. employment related humiliation;
  14. wrongful demotion;
  15. negligent reassignment;
  16. violation of any federal, state or local civil rights laws;

    and committed or attempted by an Individual Insured in his/her capacity as an Individual Insured or by the private company.
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